No man is great enough or wise enough for any of us to surrender our destiny to. The only way in which anyone can lead us is to restore to us the belief in our own guidance. - Henry Miller 

As I am getting requests from people who need some guidance or help on their own path to a healthy lifestyle and spiritual growth, I decided to offer personal consultation sessions.

After years of regular meditation, research and my personal experience with strategically optimizing health and well-being, I can offer:
  • Integration of spiritual and psychedelic experiences
  • Facilitating an enlightenment experience during the session 
  • Overcoming personal and spiritual challenges
  • Establishing positive habits to achieve long-term results in personal and spiritual development
  • Advice on major life-decisions
  • How to deal with health issues, crohn's disease and colitis in particular
  • Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle for longevity
  • Advice on Financial Independence and how to invest for passive income
If you are interested, send me a message or use the contact form on the bottom of the right side-bar. After learning about your situation I let you know, if I am capable of giving advice.

Rates start at 30$/hour for individual Skype consultations.
For 100$/month you get a weekly consultation to hold you accountable to your set goals and further develop your approach.
For 300$/month you two weekly consultations  and I will answer your questions any time via text message.

Keep in mind though that I am not a certified psychologist. If you are dealing with serious mental issues my advice does not replace psychotherapy. 

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