Welcome, you have come across my personal blog. My name is Lauritz. In 1992 I was born in Düsseldorf, Germany. During the time I was studying for my mechanical engineering degree, I became increasingly interested in the so called "spiritual path".

Ever since I had my first deeply moving entheogenic encounters, I have been interested in unraveling the mysteries of our psyche and ultimately reality itself. I had to learn that my most deeply rooted believe of a physical, materialistic and separated outer universe was false.

Since then I am working on peeling away the layers of illusions within myself. For what remains should be a clearer view on what is ultimately true in this universe. You could call it the spiritual path to enlightenment, though I prefer not to use those words too often. There is nothing really spiritual about Truth.

On my blog I share most of my insights into consciousness, meditative practices, lucid dreaming, personal development, health, diet and general well-being. A few years ago I started my YouTube-Channel Conscious Explorations, where I began with sharing insights by Alan Watts, one of the most influential thinkers on my path. At one point I felt that Alan Watts talks were exhausted. All of them are available in hundreds of copies on YouTube. So I began sharing my own insights.

By sharing my personal path, I hope to inspire you to discover truth for yourself. As this path is a process of constantly evolving as a person, you might find that my views change and that I sometimes arrive at new and differing conclusions.

As I am getting more and more questions via E-Mail, I decided to offer personal consultations where we can talk about any of your challenges along this path.

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