The Irony Of Reasoning

"Consciousness is in its fundamental nature always one. I want to say: the total sum of all consciousnesses is always only one."  
- Erwin Schrödinger

Being able to reason and make rational decisions is one of our great strengths as human beings. Our mental capacities have developed from purely reacting to the environment to making plans and decisions based in a deeper understanding of the processes behind our experiences. Among many other circumstances, this ability has allowed our species to increase in numbers beyond what has formerly been possible. Our ability to reason has undoubtedly great practical benefits. This goes hand in hand with our faith in the scientific method for explaining the world. 

Cosmic Art - Fractals
When we encounter mystical, religious and spiritual texts, we still apply this analytical mindset that we are so used to. We are unable to tap into the mental abilities which are necessary to make sense of them. Not seeing that the essence of these teachings lie outside of what can be understood with reason, we still try to fit these texts into conceptual thinking. The habit of dividing the world into individual parts which can be explained by their interaction with other parts, keeps us from realizing the oneness that spirituality can lead to. 

What is the fundamental fault in reasoning?
If we would follow back our reasoning to its origin with the same analytical mindset that we apply in science, we could discover that reasoning itself is always paradoxical at its core. There will be a point in every line of reasoning that cannot be explained with reason. Always continuing to ask the question "Why?" will lead to a fundamentally mystical and therefore unanswerable question. It would therefore be possible to disproof the effectiveness of reasoning, as a means to explain the nature of all existence, by consistently applying the principles of reasoning to itself. 

Science itself has discovered this within the model of quantum mechanics. Within that framework it has shown that it is impossible to explain the fundamental mechanisms of matter/existence without a paradoxical and therefore unreasonable statement. If you are someone who has grown up with this scientific, materialistic world-view, it can be a revealing endeavor to study quantum theory. At some point your current world-view has to break down in order for you to grasp what this theory points to at a fundamental level. 
One trap must be avoided here. It is false to think that our world-view has already changed, because we, as a society, are able to apply the mathematical equations from quantum theory to create functioning technology.

If you want to reason yourself to death, a good place to start is this article on the Interpretations of quantum mechanics. A shorter version can be found in part 5 of the main article about quantum mechanics.

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