Facilitate mental and spiritual growth by eating one meal a day

I would say I am observing now the second phase of eating only one meal a day.  The first phase was physical adaptation. Hunger outside of the eating window took some time to decrease in that first phase. I feel strong and well now again and am physically able to perform during prolonged fasting.

But the mental adaptation that happens afterwards takes much longer for me. And by mental adaptation I mean the uncoupling of content and pleasure from eating. Whenever I would want to feel better in the past I would eat something. It would usually be something natural and healthy, therefore I never gained too much weight. But it stilled served to distract me from closely observing what caused the slight unhappiness and emotional struggle in the first place.

But with a very small eating window of only 1-2h you are no longer able to cover feelings and craving with food. When you have covered your nutritional and energetic needs the eating of food never comes from a true physiological demand. It is triggered by emotional and environmental factors.

I am eager to see how I adapt to this very strong urges to just snack something whenever I want an emotional pick-up. At the moment I am confronting many of those opportunities with a moment of becoming fully present and observing my inner emotional state. This usually teaches me a lot through direct insight. But at other occasions I still fall short of my ideal and loose that presence and have a snack outside of my one meal. It is a steep learning curve and habits are harder to break than I thought.

I try to push through it and see how my habits have changed in about two month. How will the urges have changed? How much opportunities to learn about myself will I be presented with?


  1. Nice post. I started OMAD two months ago. I'm vegan for the past 15 years and vegetarian for the past 20 years.

  2. I have done this in the past for months at a time (although my window was 4-6 hours). It didn't work for me in the end. Every concept of eating a certain way now drastically goes into my nature (or feels like this). I know bestselling author Michael A Singer ate only one salad every other day to facilitate spiritual growth. For me something like this doesn't agree with life. It almost forcing life. I eat what I want now and when i want it. I do this with as much awareness as possible though, to the why and the to eating it self. Bringing awareness to this, has changed what I eat, when I eat and how much I eat. I do the same with mediating by the way, only when I feel like it or feel like I need it. This brought me a lot of inner peace, to trust life that it knows best.

  3. Thank you so much for your comment. I start to experience the same at the moment. I start to feel that this protocol requires to much conscious restriction and effort. It does not come naturally. Whereas I can easily fast for 16-18hours without getting hungry and then have a big meal of mainly vegetables and protein first.

    Fasting for 23h a day also made it hard to get enough fiber and calories in. Both in one meal exceeds my digestive capacity. And I think that fiber is very important for the gut and to have good regular bowel movements.

    Therefore I am currently experiment with having two meals. The first meal mainly low calorie, high fiber foods and some protein. The second meal has a higher caloric density and a little less fiber.

    But I am in a difficult situation right now to keep a regular diet containing the foods that I like, as I am travelling in Japan for work related reasons at the moment. Also having to eat at restaurants with colleagues that have limited variety and almost never high fat options.

    I also try to eat with full awareness as well. And I think this is a key factor in consuming the foods the body really craves.


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