Sample day of my vegan one meal a day diet - high fat

I started my meal today with a small apple and a small fresh fig. Those are so delicious. But compared to my diet before where I would it massive amounts of them until I was full, now fruit tastes even better and I can enjoy it in smaller quantities.

Then I cooked spinach, green peas, onion, garlic, cucumber, carrot, curry powder and salt. All together in one pot. After it was done I added coconut cream (which I make from shredded coconut in the blender) and peanut butter. This soaks up the remaining liquid and makes the meal look like spinach with cream. It was very delicious. I ate that with some mustard and some further coconut-flaxseed yogurt. 

I noticed this meal was not so optimal to have as the one meal of the day. Mainly because it was to high in water content and I could barely eat it all. Next time I will go back to cook this kind of meal in a pan and let the water evaporate slowly. 

At the end of the meal I felt more then 100% satisfied. No more food for the day. I ate this meal between 9am-10am.


  1. I, too, was eating massive amounts of fresh and dried fruit before recently switching to the vegan ketogenic diet. At this time I'm eating no fruit at all and I crave it a little but am reluctant to eat even a small amount because I'm concerned about the relearning of my body to get energy from fat rather than carbs and I'm getting some carbs already from vegetables and a moderate amount of quinoa. I know I really need to calculate my carbs, fats, and protein. I just quit fruit and added a lot of fat. Would you mind explaining how you make your coconut cream? I've been buying it, totally coconut, they call it coconut butter, and it satisfies my desire for something sweet. Does the coconut-flaxseed yogurt actually have the probiotics? And do you make that?

    1. In the transition phase I think it makes sense to stick with lower carbs. That way you will quickly feel better. But you should stay in Ketosis most of the time anyways because of the fasting.

      The coconut cream is really my favorite food. I just take the simple shredded coconut from the grocery store. Here in Germany it costs 3,30€/kg. So really cheap compared to most other nuts. This shredded coconut I then add to a high speed blender. The trick is to add at least 600gr. That way the blender has enough material so that it does not just stick to the walls. With the heat produced from the friction it melts and becomes a thick but fluid cream.

      I add this to most of my vegetable meals or salads after mixing it with warm water and some spices or lemon juice.

      The coconut flaxseed yogurt i make from this coconut cream and ground flaxseed. I add water to it too have a more fluid consistency and then some soy yogurt as a starter. Leave it in a warm place for 18-24h and you have a mic wrangt taste with living probiotics.
      You could also use sourkraut juice as a starter if it is raw.


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